Cash Registers

SAM4S ER-280F APPROVAL NO. CP008 - Pafos Events
- Trendy and compact design for small business
- Superb performance with on small size 
- Wide graphic LCD(NR-400) and Blue color back-light
SAM4S ER-420EJ APPROVAL NO. CP007 - Pafos Events
- Cost effective solution 
- 58mm for specific store environment
- High speed & Quiet thermal printer 
- Maximum of 5,000 PLUs(8Mbit)  
SAM4S ER-280F Approval no. CP004 - Pafos Events
Solution For the Retail and hospitality Environment, with Effective Financial Reporting and Durable Construction
ER-280F is a powerful solution for most retail & hospitality applications.
The elegant appearance and high performance of this model will satisfy the high  more...
SAM4S ER-420F Approval no. CP002 - Pafos Events
Solution for a wide range of Retail market
No one knows your business better than us. Unique paper width, 44.5mm is designed for your specific  more...
SAM4S ER-430F Approval no. CP002/1 - Pafos Events
The ER-430F is a flat keyboard solution for a wide range of Retail & hospitality environments. With its 2 line LCD display and 2 station thermal  more...